With the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Your Digital Health Needs Protection Too

As social distancing is pushing us online more let IDShield help keep your personal and financial information safe.

Working from Home

As you set up new apps and accounts to work remotely you are creating a larger digital footprint, exposing more of your private information online.

Diving Into Online Shopping

As online shopping becomes the norm from everyday essentials, ranging from toilet paper to luxury items, your financial details are being shared more widely and frequently.

Relying on Social Media

Social media usage is soaring as we look for ways to keep human connections alive--providing more opportunities for scammers to exploit.

Proactive Behavior Can Help Keep Us Safe

School’s Out

Online learning is the new normal and your family is being inundated with new links and apps creating new ways for your data to be exposed.

Smart Devices

Spending more time at home with your smart devices? You need to make sure that you are not unwittingly inviting cybercriminals into your home.

Streaming Services

Going to the movies has been replaced by movie night, and online gaming is exploding - making sure your credentials are safe has never been more critical.

Just like we are being told to practice social distancing to protect our physical health, we must take action to safeguard our digital health.

Monitoring up to 34 different pieces of your public and private information on the dark web, credit bureaus, and over 78 billion public records and more to alert you if your personal information has been exposed

Watching your social media accounts for ID theft and reputational risks

Providing a team of US Based identity theft professionals to advise on threats, scams, breaches and all types of fraud concerns

Managing what people can find out about you online

Delivering personalized identity theft restoration services from licensed Private Investigators

And if the worst does happen:

Offering a $1 million protection policy to cover items such as expenses associated with identity theft or fraud, unauthorized fund transfers, funds stolen from 401K accounts and more

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Coronavirus has driven more of our life, work and socializing online and with that cybercriminals are looking for new ways to hack and scam their way into your data and accounts. People are now very aware of what they need to do to safeguard their physical health but your digital health demands attention too.

New behaviors leave us more exposed

IDShield provides proactive threat protection by:


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