Digital Privacy Protection

In today's online obsessed culture, it's critical that you proactively protect your digital privacy and reputation. 

Protecting Yourself and Family Online

"With all the data breaches, skimming devices and consumer fraud going on today, it's not a matter of if you will be a victim of identity theft, but when. My licensed private investigator kept me calm and confident from the initial report until my credit was repaired and corrected. Excellent service that I highly recommend."

Ralf H.
Delaware Member

Florida Member

I found I had a real security risk as I had been impacted by a hacker. It was a frightening and invasive experience. I was connected with a Licensed Investigator quickly. All three credit reporting agencies were notified, and a security alert was added to all three accounts. It was so simple! IDShield was there to help! Highly recommend this service!

"The investigator immediately began taking steps to mitigate the identity theft damage that occurred. He walked me through the forms I needed to complete, step-by-step. The investigator was very responsive to my needs and concerns."

Howard J.
Louisiana Member

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Don’t Wait for an Incident to Occur

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Digital Privacy Protection

In today's online obsessed culture, it's critical that you proactively protect your digital privacy and reputation.


Act Now to Protect Your Identity

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Don’t Wait for an Incident to Occur

Sign up for an IDShield plan to protect your identity.


Copyright © 2020 IDShield. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 IDShield. All rights reserved.

Companies and cybercriminals are constantly creating new ways to exploit your personal data. It's imperative that you take a proactive approach to digital privacy protection and stay a step or two ahead of them.



Data brokers track your online activities and build detailed profiles on you and your family. The brokers then sell your information to governments, companies and individuals who use it to exploit you. 

  • Consumer companies use it to target you with advertising 
  • Insurance companies use it to reject you or set your premiums 
  • Hiring managers use it to disqualify you for jobs You can fight back. 

IDShield can get your personal information deleted from data brokers’ databases. Also, our system will monitor data broker websites to make sure any new information is removed as soon as it surfaces. 

When not handled correctly, social media use opens you and your family up to significant privacy risks. Failure to take proactive precautions can lead to cyber attacks, cyberbullying, job loss and more. 

  • Follow best practices for sharing personal information 
  • Educate yourself on common social media scams 
  • Set privacy controls correctly 
  • Protect your reputation, think before you share 

By taking simple steps to protect yourself and your family, you can enjoy social media safely. From helping you set up proper controls to monitoring your family's profiles for problematic posts, IDShield can help you navigate potential privacy pitfalls and protect your identity. 



From virtual assistants to internet connected refrigerators to doorbell cameras that would make James Bond jealous, smart devices are everywhere. With lax security, they open your home to cyberattacks. 

  • Password protect all home networks 
  • Change manufacturer default passwords 
  • Keep software up to date with the latest security patches 
  • Mute microphones and review your privacy settings 

If you find the complex web of security and privacy settings on smart devices confusing, IDShield’s team of experts and software solutions can help you create a robust defense. 

Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new schemes to capitalize on our digital lives. Each new innovation, platform or app brings with it a variety of activities they can exploit. 

  • Crooks can take over online accounts if you reuse passwords 
  • 68% of phishing attacks impersonate well-known brands 
  • Email scams evolve; look out for suspicious subject lines 
  • Be sure to share sensitive data securely and safely 

Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Take proactive steps to set up an online security defense to protect your password and internet browser privacy, your reputation and your finances. IDshield can help you. 


Proactive Privacy Protection Starts with a 30-Day Free Trial

IDShield provides the following threat protection.

Monitoring up to 34 different pieces of your public and private information on the dark web, credit bureaus, and over 78 billion public records to alert you if your personal information has been exposed.

Watching your social media accounts for ID theft and reputational risks

Providing a team of US Based identity theft professionals to advise on threats, scams, breaches and all types of fraud concerns including dealing with data brokers and securing smart devices 

Managing what people can find out about you online

IDShield provides the following threat protection. 

Delivering personalized identity theft restoration services from licensed Private Investigators

Offering a $1 million protection policy to cover items such as expenses associated with identity theft or fraud, unauthorized fund transfers, funds stolen from 401K accounts and more